Am mai scos un post de la naftalina

In ajun de Effie apar si oamenii care se indoiesc de el.
Acum ceva vreme am vorbit cu un fost drag coleg mie, Costin. Cred ca inca are sens ce am scris together atunci (postul a aparut la inceput pe

“Following a blog post written by Gareth Kay, Razvan and I were talking about a comparison that we keep making lately: Effie vs. UK IPA Effectiveness Awards. Which one is better? It’s not rocket science to see that the good answer always seems to be the IPA Effectiveness Awards. IPA Awards are just better. A more strict, more rigorous approach that obliges participants to isolate the effect of communication on business. Still, come to think of it, we’ve realized that actually (as research is supposed to happen) the Effie Awards somehow replicate reality better than the IPA Awards. Because, in the real world, only a few clients invest their money in order to be able to isolate the effects of communication and to prove that indeed it was communication that helped build the business. Yearly, clients choose the agencies they work with and reward them based on arguments that are actually even weaker than those that one needs to fill in the Effie formats. Is this a decent argument in favour of the Effies?”

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  1. Cosmin 20 Mar, 2007 @ 00:47

    Costin se ocupa acum de IQads? :)

  2. Razvan 20 Mar, 2007 @ 01:17

    da…mai multe detalii la urmatorul link de pe…

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